Commonly Asked Questions

Most Frequent Questions

PowerBank is recognized by financial institutions worldwide.

PowerBank does not charge for opening an account and has no minimum balance requirement of holding an account.

PowerBank does not charge for transactions below 15 USD to send money to other PowerBank users but higher than 15 USD we charge a flat fee of 0.4%

Yes your money is safe with us as we have a global security standard in our platform

Yes your money is FDIC Insured upto 250,000 USD

We support the whole African Continent.

Yes we do. To get a joint account is easy and is done fully online and is Free. Press the button of the personal account then select the Joint Account option.

You can contact us at our contact form on our website, or email us at or you can send us a message on our social media platforms of your choice. You will find a link below.

The money is sent instantly and you and the receiver will both receive a transaction message after a successful transaction.

No. It is free to open a business or corporate account and there are no minimum balances charge for operating  the account.

We normally send your bank statement after 30 days and you can request your bank statement anytime. Even after deleting your account you can email us at to get your bank statement but not after 1 year.